What We Do


We connect the LCR Hospitality Industry Sectors


  • We host regular Members Meetings with first-hand updates on LH work. This includes our Management Forum, Sales & Revenue Meetings and Human Resource.
  • We are part of the UK Hospitality Northern Board – a supportive collaboration between Northern regions of the UK as a collective voice in the wider UK Hospitality sector.
  • We sponsor and lead the Visitor Economy Week in collaboration with LVEN (Liverpool Visitor Economy Network). The Visitor Economy Week has numerous opportunities for hospitality leaders and professionals, as well as a wider engagement with the community.
  • We host Supplier Focused Networking Events throughout the year to strengthen the relationship between suppliers and hospitality businesses.

We develop the people working in Hospitality


  • We host Focused Group Meetings like General Managers Meetings, Sales/Revenue/Business Development Managers Meetings, where our members network, share best practice & information and hear from great guest speakers.
  • We host HR Forums with the objective to underpin best practice people management activities for the Hospitality Industry in the LCR. By adopting a united approach as employers in the region, we streamline HR processes and enhance the workers’ experience.
  • We host and lead the Visitor Economy Week in collaboration with LVEN. The week is dedicated to connecting the LCR Hospitality Industry, celebrate its success, whilst educating the city region about our different sectors and engaging with different Colleges to promote Hospitality.
  • We facilitate Shared Training Experiences between our members, in order to stimulate collaboration and help them save costs.
  • We lead Your Skills Your Liverpool, a Global Hospitality Badge recognition provided by City & Guilds in collaboration with World Association of Chefs Society, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and Liverpool City Region Growth Company.
  • We host the Liverpool Hospitality Awards with the purpose to celebrating and recognising the people working in Hospitality.

We support our members’ business development


  • We host bi-monthly Sales & Revenue Meetings with first-hand updates from the ACC, Liverpool Convention Bureau, Marketing Liverpool and Liverpool BID Company.
  • We nurture a strong City Wide Relationship with local industry agencies, regional authorities and various industries to support the city region economic agenda.
  • LH Tour Trade FAM Trip is organised as a collective effort to bring national and international agents to our city. Together we deliver a fantastic showcase to agents, who in turn get to experience our estate of the art city assets and enjoy our great hospitality. This has become one of our most prestigious events and one that proves how much stronger we are when we work together.
  • Members can request complimentary Banner supply.
  • We promote Venue Showcase opportunities.
  • Through our Wide Network, our members are able to connect with national & global brands, as well as important organisations such as the different Chamber of Commerce from our city region, Professional Liverpool, Downtown in Business, Liverpool City Council,Liverpool BID Company, LEP and many more.
  • We promote and host the LH Summer Social an event aimed to connect our members with professionals from different industries.
  • We constantly share Relevant Information, Material, Updates and Events with our members.


We partner with various industries and organisations


  • We Represent the Collective Voice for of the LCR Hospitality Industry. Our Executive Board engages on numerous key city region boards, including: Visitor Economy Board, Liverpool Visitor Economy Network, UK Hospitality Northern Committee, Liverpool City Council Hotel Strategy Group, Growth Platform, VE Skills Group,Liverpool BID Company and LEP.
  • We are committed to Support Liverpool BID Company in delivering their Chef Awards and the Food & Drink Weeks.
  • We lead the Visitor Economy Week with LVEN (Liverpool Visitor Economy Network).

We give back to the community


  • We support the Northern Lights Dinner, an event with the objective to raise funds for Hospitality
    Action, our national charity.
  • We participate in the Adventure Dock Fun Day to raise funds for our chosen charities every year.
  • We promote and encourage our members to take part in Hospitality Action Social Sunday.
  • We have joined the LEP’s Working Experience programme.
  • We promote the Christmas Hospitality Cloak Appeal to raise funds to our chosen charities.
  • We constantly engage with local Academies, Colleges and Universities to offer them support.